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Top 10 Oracle Certification Course You Can Pursue

Oracle products and technologies are widely popular, and that’s why there is a great significance of an Oracle Cloud certification. As a result, there have been plenty of Oracle training sessions happening that are empowering professionals to enter the industry.

However, it is essential to understand that in order to acquire an Oracle certification, one has to complete the training and attain a certain score. There will be assignments, projects, and practices that all are part of the certification course.

If you also want to explore these certification courses, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the top 10 Oracle certification courses that can turn you into an Oracle certified associate.

#1 Oracle Java Certification

Oracle Java certification is the most popular type of certificate course, which has eight different certificates. Each certification is spread in Associate, Professional, and Master levels. The OCP-level certification majorly involves Java SE 8 Programmer, Java EE7 Application Developer, and Java SE 11 Developer.

#2 Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate

There is Oracle SQL certification as well, where candidates have to appear for Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 and Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061. Pursuing this course can provide you with in-depth knowledge regarding Oracle database architecture, RDBMS, and installing Oracle.

#3 A Complete Oracle SQL Certification

If you are into the IT industry and want to build your career in SQL, this is probably the best course for you. After acquiring this certificate, you can become a certified Oracle SQL Developer. With this course, you can successfully solve complex SQL queries and database problems.

#4 Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Certified Specialist

If you are looking for an ideal Oracle cloud certification, this certificate will prove to be best for you. If you are DevOps Admin, Monitors, and Database Administer, you can significantly seek benefits. You can learn the skills of managing and migrating Autonomous Transaction Database and Autonomous Data Warehouse.

#5 Oracle Database: Administration Workshop

To learn Oracle database architecture and its management, you can enrol in this Oracle training right away. All the Technical Administrators, Support Engineers, Data Warehouse Administrators, Database Designers, and Database Administrators can reap benefits from this certification.

#6 Oracle PL/SQL Is My Game

It is yet another Oracle SQL certification that IT professionals can pursue. This course is designed to clear the details regarding the Oracle 12c database, its functions, architecture, Triggers, procedures, handling, and management. You can become a certified Oracle PL/SQL developer after completing this course.

#7 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Certified Associate

To get the basic knowledge of cloud computing and its services, this Oracle Cloud certification can help you. This course is meant for professionals from any background, irrespective of their qualifications. All you can get from this course is expertise in cloud infrastructure.

#8 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate

If you are a Cloud Architect, then having this certificate will add more value and in-depth knowledge to your profession. Candidates from any background are able to pursue this course. After completing this OCA certification, you can get expertise in networking, database, computing, and storage.

#9 Oracle Human Resource Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist

This course is particularly beneficial for individuals who already have a stronghold on implementing Oracle HCM Cloud Services. This Oracle certification intends to strengthen your expertise in people management, profile management, checklists, workforce structure, approvals, workflows, and notifications.

#10 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Cloud operations Associate

If you are planning to boost your career in oracle Cloud Infrastructure, this certification will definitely provide you the required thrust. This course is meant to teach you how to design and build Agile solutions on OCI. Additionally, you can learn how to automate your tasks and even troubleshoot OCI-related problems.

The Bottom Line

IT professionals have an abundance of choices regarding Oracle certifications. These certificate courses are indeed designed to take their career to the next level. All you need to do is find the right platform from where you can get the best of these courses. Make sure you choose an education/training centre that will be highly beneficial for your profession.


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