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Is Whistler Safe for Kids?

Being home to North America’s largest ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb—famously tapped to host events during the 2010 Winter Olympics—it’s no surprise that more than two million skiers and snowboarders visit the popular tourist town of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada every year. However, if you’re one of those vacationers, or even someone looking at Whistler homes for sale, and you have a family, you might be worried about taking your little ones on the slopes.

If that’s the case, I have some very good news for you: Whistler takes child safety very seriously.

The Whistler Kids Program

One of the best ways parents can make sure their little ones stay safe in Whistler is by taking advantage of Whistler Blackcomb’s “Whistler Kids” program. A comprehensive, child-oriented skiing and snowboarding instruction program, Whistler Kids connects children ages 3-14 with qualified alpine sports educators who understand how to teach children mountain safety while keeping lessons fun and engaging.

Additionally, Whistler Kids includes access to a secure and fully monitored learning zone for children to practice in, as well as GPS tracking devices so parents and instructors always know where children are when they’re on the slopes. What’s more, the main skiing zone has many novice-level slopes, with a full 20% of Whistler Blackcomb terrain—over 1,600 acres—set aside specifically for beginning skiers/snowboarders looking to enjoy themselves in the great outdoors without endangering themselves or others.

Whistler’s Safety Personnel

While personal responsibility and proper instruction are both major components of skiing safety, it’s equally important to have vigilant and well-trained professionals available to keep an eye on potential dangers, discourage misbehavior, and provide emergency services when accidents do take place. That’s where Whistler’s Mountain Safety Team, Ski Patrol, and Terrain Park Rangers come in. Together, these three groups watch over the entirety of the Whistler Blackcomb resort and its slopes.

Members of the Mountain Safety Team oversee Slow Zones while wearing bright yellow jackets so that skiers who need help can easily find them, and to avoid accidents during times of low visibility. Members of the Terrain Park Rangers mount and maintain signs and barriers designed to protect vacationers from hazardous terrain, while also removing obstructions and dangers. And members of the Ski Patrol have been trained to provide medical and rescue services when needed, as well as to watch out for signs of avalanches and other perils.

So fret not, parents; your children’s safety is in good hands.


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