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How to plan and save money with a free Wedding Budget Planner!

Planning a wedding is kind if a humongous task. There are too many things to sort out. But before one plan anything, they need to set out their priorities.

Wedding also needs a very proper budget. Yes, there is a high chance that things can exceed a bit but if one remains strict to the budget then they can avoid of things from going haywire. So, one first has to figure out their budget that they are comfortable spending on wedding and then set their priorities as per their budget.

It is true, that no matter when one is getting married, there are some things that remain constant in every wedding. Those are:

  • Wedding Attire
  • Food, Caterer
  • Photographer
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Paper Goods like place settings, invitations and of course thank you cards.

One can always take help of a wedding budget planner in order to plan their wedding. In fact, it is essential to use them when one is planning a wedding. While planning as it has been mentioned above, the total budget should be set first and then one has to set a guest list. One cannot be at their best money saving self, till they decide on these two important things.

The Budget

It all depends on what kind of wedding one wants and what are the things one wants in their weddings. If one is going through the traditional route of wedding, then the planning and budget will be absolutely different from the one who wants an unconventional wedding. But it is true in both cases that 50 percent of the budget goes into venue, decorations, food and music. Apart from that, flowers, photography, wedding attires, makeup and invitations are something which is a must in every wedding.

The Guest List

Setting the number of guest list is something which is quite complicated. Yes, when it comes to Indian weddings; we like celebrate with all the family members (even distant ones) and friends and colleagues. But sometimes one has to cut on the guest list depending on the budget and also the venue (how many guests it can accommodate). Then according to that one can tick off their guest list mark.


As per the budget one has to pick on the vendors. Wedding planning game plays a major role here. One may not know how exactly a wedding to do list look like. There are plenty of online resources that can help one in this case. One can also take help of friends and family members who have efficiently planned a wedding before. The bigger vendors of course are the venue, caterer, photographer, florists and the decorators. One has to check on that first.

If one wants to save money and have a budget wedding, then there are a few tips that really work:

  • Use wedding templates which are already up there and customise it to make invitation cards.
  • Take help from friends to decorate smaller areas of the wedding venue. If they have a taste in decorating spaces they can manage it fine.
  • Check for discounts whenever buying something in bulk.

These are the ways to plan with a free wedding budget planner.


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