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Home Business Do you think making a perfect delicious cake is Difficult?

Do you think making a perfect delicious cake is Difficult?

Slicing, filling and coating cake bodies is not complicated, it just needs the right needs, a little patience and in some cases skills. Start with simple basic shapes and gradually move to more complex ones.

The baked cake body is usually cut, filled, then reassembled, sprinkled with icing, or coated with Ganache or fondant and then decorated.

Slicing a baked cake body

To fill the cake, it is necessary to cut the baked body lengthwise – but first it is necessary to let the body cool down.

A pastry knife is used for slicing, which is narrow, longer and has a finely serrated blade. Special cake saws in the form of a frame with a sharp steel string are also produced. The cut should be as smooth and horizontal as possible.

Various shapes can be cut from the baked body, which will allow you to create three-dimensional cakes. The basic shapes are cut with a medium-sized knife, the details with a small and pointed knife. The knives must be sharp so that the edges of the dough do not crumble.

In some cases – for example, when one shape is repeated – it is useful to use a template that you can easily create from paper.

To cut out different shapes, you should bake a body of sponge cake, but it must be firm and stiffer.

Filling and joining individual parts of the cake

Place the lower part of the body on the base with the cut side facing upwards and apply the cream around the outer edge. Apply another part of the cream in the middle and spread it with a spreading knife on all sides towards the edge. Place another part of the body on the lubricated part, press it lightly and repeat the procedure.

Basic surface coating of the cake body

The carcasses are rubbed before applying the glaze or fondant to make them perfectly smooth. The cream covers and smoothes out all cracks, the body is so-called stretched and the dough remains supple. They can be applied with butter cream, which is slightly diluted with milk, or ganache icing.

Place the prepared assembled cake on a mat or even better on a rotating stand and carefully apply a layer of cream to the upper part with a spreading knife. Spread the cream from the center to the edges and turn the cake. Then spread the cream on the side. Let the smeared cake cool down, or wait until the icing is completely dry – only then it is possible to smear with icing or apply fondant and further decorate the cake.

So what do you think how much talent it requires to make a chocolate ganache cake? Well, I hope this article helped you but still if you don’t think you can then why don’t to order one at your home? With the online eggless cake delivery in Kohara, you can order a delicious cake for your craving and active taste buds.


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