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3 Fun and Carefree Things to Do in Burlington

In Vermont’s largest city, you can bet there’s plenty of things to do and places to see. If you are looking for a fun and eventful day or week in Burlington, look no further. Offering outdoor activities, historic museums, and family-friendly sites, Burlington is sure to provide you entertainment. We’ve listed the top three places where the most fun can be found in this exciting city.

Visit Church Street 

If you walk along Burlington and ask a local “What’s there to do?” One of the first things they will mention is Church Street. Stretching over a few blocks is a beautifully bricked walkway filled with plenty of downtown life. Among these streets are many unique cafes, boutiques, bookstores, and more.

With dozens of restaurants and street entertainment, it can make for the perfect night out. Not to mention that the Vermont native, Ben and Jerry’s, has an ice cream shop for a famous scoop for dessert. If you’re looking to spend a few hours somewhere with places that fulfills all interests go explore what Church Street has to offer.

Lake Champlain

Whether you are looking for a beautiful view or something fun to do, Lake Champlain can easily fill that need. You can sightsee along the picturesque waterfront or take a walk along the boardwalk. If it’s a rainy day, don’t worry. Lake Champlain also has a bustling Waterfront neighborhood that hosts ECHO which is a science and nature museum that has hundreds of hands-on exhibits and a live butterfly exhibit that is definitely worth visiting.

Don’t forget to experience the water while here too. Not only can you fish, kayak, paddleboard, and more on the water but there’s also additional experiences you don’t want to miss. A fun day out on the lake can include a sailboat excursion or a private sunset cruise for an evening you won’t forget.

South End

Downtown and the lakefront isn’t all that Burlington has to offer. Exploring the artsy part of town known as the South End should also be on your list of things to do. This spot in town offers live entertainment and numerous breweries where you can enjoy a locally brewed beer.

Being known as the artsy part of town, you can assume there are several art galleries and creative businesses you can enjoy. If you get hungry there’s delicious restaurants all throughout the area to grab a bite to eat.

As you plan your visit in Burlington, you’ll also need a place to stay. Burlington offers numerous hotels that are happy to accommodate you. If you find yourself wanting to stay a little bit longer, consider viewing Burlington houses for sale.


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