Fulani Herdsmen Did Not Kill People In Benue – Orji Uzor Kalu Speaks As He Reveals Those Behind The Killings

Former Governor of Abia state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has said that Fulani herders are not responsible for the recent killings in some parts of the country.

The former governor said that prominent Nigerians who are against the anti-corruption war of the Federal Government are the major sponsors of the alleged killer herdsmen.

Kalu who stated this while sympathizing with the victims and families of those who were killed in Taraba and Benue States, said perpetrators were mostly returnees from Niger Republic who infiltrated the people and pretended to be Fulani herders.

Kalu made this known in his country home, Igbere, during the launch of free interest loan to Abians in Abia North Senatorial District.

He said these killer herders were mostly sponsored by politicians who were aggrieved because the President blocked the various channels by which the country’s resources were being siphoned.

Kalu said when he was the governor of Abia State, he was never in good terms with some rich individuals who were busy milking the state.

He added there was trouble around the country now because President Muhammadu Buhari had ended the old ways of handling the nation’s resources.

Source: Abacityblog


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34 Comments on Fulani Herdsmen Did Not Kill People In Benue – Orji Uzor Kalu Speaks As He Reveals Those Behind The Killings

    • to you joseph gbogbo,all Nigeria can not sleep and put our head in desame direction, those herdmen are working and accuped by boko haram, take my fact,

      • Which boko are u talking about is the defeated ones. This killing is sponsored by buhari to give lands to fulani in every state.be wise

  1. Orji Uzo Kalu, name them assumption is not working, after all you’re alleged with corruption, until you entered the APC party, so obviously you’re defending your self by defending this inresponsible leadership.

  2. Orji is dead already. A lot of blood on his hand. People don’t worry. God is not men. He is a piece of trash to picked up by nemesis sooner than expected. His fleet of companies and billions looted, even buhari will not save him.

  3. Orji Kalu,you are among the sponsors of killers in Benue,since you mentioned the looters of Nigeria are sponsors.Orji you looted Abia and under Jonathan you did worse. Now you are hiding under APC for shield. Soon Buhari will go,and all your atrocities will be exposed. wicked Satan like you,drinking the blood of Abians.

  4. The man has a point. Its possible they are not herders but hired assassins . One thing for sure, when a crime is committed,the prime suspects are mostly innocents. But God knows best.

  5. Are you saying that those of them seen caught by the people and shown on TV are not herdsmen? Are you also saying that those boko harams destrying Nigeria since Goodluck regime are not Fulani killer herdsmen? I hate when people who are surpose to represent with great reputation are fooling themselves. So u were not in Nigeria when a leader of mayeti allah came to defend their killer herders that it is bcus they killing their cows that is why they retaliated by killing human beings?

  6. Dr. Oji, I feel sorry for u for telling them the truth because most of them do not like it, they make even keep on attacking you blindly due to their arrogance and selfishness. please take sir, don’t respond to such stupidity. Thank you sir.
    Hon. Sa’id Muhammad.

  7. Orji uzo Kalu being a very corrupt and unpatriotic nigerian ran to apc for cover. he does every negative thing to be in good book of buhari. he can sell his mother to protect buhari interest. he is a sellout.

  8. even when the leadership of the herdsmen have come out to say they kill this people because they stole thier cow,your still the trying to defend them God is waching

  9. I am so disappointed by this speech. when will this opticians of ours stop calling black white and red blue. It’s a pity we live in a country where public figures like orji are not ashamed to spit rubbish. He thinks we are kids to believe such kids stories. He just made more mockery of himself

  10. I’m highly disappointed in this man called Orji Uzor Kalu. Honestly speaking, I had a very high respect for him previously but his recent comments and attitude leaves much to be desired. How can one explain this man’s comment over the senseless killings in Benue and other states in recent time. If this is not senile dementia, then he must know more than he is telling us. The security agencies should question him about these killings because he seems to know more.

  11. talking about those that looted the economy orji uzor looted Abia treasury for 8yrs also looted Abia people as he tasked them for infrastructures which he never did we all know you very well pls don’t be dreaming of that senate seat it cannot happen not in Abia anymore remember there’s God

    • We don’t need God’s help to deal with orji kalu let him come with the looted money we will be waiting for the senseless thief let him not forget twice beaten four times shy.

  12. What Abia former Governor said is totally true nothing but the all true because currently ingigene of Benue were caught with soldiers uniform training about 1000 people who which are responsible for all the recent killing claiming to be Fulani.

  13. I wonder when d Igbo leaders will learn how to be straight forward…..I dnt blame u @Dr.Kalu bcus u are an APC mmemeber and ur woe was covered up by d so called Mr.Buhari who has acted slowly in the case of Fulani herdsmen bcus they are His brother……if you dnt stand firm to defend the truth and ur pple then get ready to face negligence by own people wen d time comes!!!!

  14. what Dr. Orji Uzo kanu said about the fulani herdsmen may not be far from the truth, if you want to catch a thief, the easiest way to do that is to send a thief. he was in that train he knows the pattern, hellfire is the home of all of them no matter how many of them that are running to join APC thinking that APC can save them, this Nigerian president will ignore all of them when the time comes

  15. Orji Uzor Kanu pls stay quiet nd watch instead of poluting d sir. If what u v said is anything to go by, why has has Buhari not acted or is he waiting until everybody in Benue is Wiped out

  16. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow and Nigeria politics is the dirtiest in the world. Inasmuch as I codemn the senseless and heartless killings in the country, we should not put our heads in one basket because of dirty politics and propaganda. It happened during the last dispensation when boko haram menace started, instead of tackling it, they were waived aside that it is the handiwork of the opposition to discredit the government and before they could wake up to the reality, the insurgents have almost overrun the whole of the northeast and even beyond, making it impossible for the government to contain them again. Orgy Uzor Kalu is entitled to his opinion and he might not be far from the truth. Yes, all politicians are the same, but thought should be given to other people’s opinion even if not to be accepted than passing abuses and curses.

  17. Orji Uzor Kalu has gone mad.He need to be confined in a mental hospital before he run in the market.He is a slave to president Buhari,the major sponsor of Fulani herdsmen

  18. If we talk from now till forever it can change anything there are already make up they to speak foolishly they will called black red an red black

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