It Is Not Good To Squeeze A Woman’s B0*bs Like It Is Orange. – Doctor Gives Reason.

Dr. Beatrice Wiafe -Addai who is the president of Bre@st Care International urged men to handle the bre@st of women with care as it is a very fragile part of a woman’s anatomy.

She said this while speaking on the sidelines of the bre@st cancer awareness month which is celebrated in October every year. She told Starr Fm morning show host, Francis Abban that contrary to claims that the su*king of bre@st by men reduces the risk of getting bre@st cancer in women, those claims are untrue.

Dr. Wiafe-Addai said: “It is not true that the more you su*ck a woman’s bre@st it prevents the risk of getting bre@st cancer. What is true is that women who have children should bre@stfeed, and bre@stfeeding has some positive effect on the woman as far as bre@st cancer is concerned. But not adult men to go and su*ck the bre@st thinking it will protect the woman from bre@st cancer, that is not true, it is very fragile so let’s handle it with care…don’t squeeze it like you have some mango or orange that you are squeezing to get some fluid out.”

She also advised men not to abandon women diagnosed with bre@st cancer but rather help to fight it.