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Cruairgas was established in 1999, CRU AIR + GAS (Compressors aiR Us, Inc.) is solid compressor Ontario driving compacted air administration and deals supplier for the modern network.

CRU AIR + GAS is additionally home to the Sapphire Extended Airend Warranty Program which is Canada’s FIRST and ONLY, FREE utilized compressor guarantee program! 

The HORIZON Series of  PET compressors Ontario by ABC Compressors is an innovative new range of oil free reciprocating compressor units for blowing bottles in PET. HORIZON produces air compressed to 42 bar (higher pressure per request), completely devoid of oil and complying with “ISO 8573” air quality regulations.

If you are producing PET bottles on a single-stage or two-stage blow moulding system, you are likely using a PET Bottling Compressor. PET compressors produce compressed air at 40 BAR or 580 PSIG for the air that is used in the stretch blow process within the mold to produce the final bottle or jar.

With quality control standards constantly improving, the industry standard is an oil-free reciprocating compressor. CRU AIR + GAS is the largest Canadian based PET Compressor service company in North America. We offer PET compressor service on AF compressors, IR PETSTAR compressors, Belliss & Morcom compressors and virtually every other make and model of PET compressor that requires service.

If your PET compressor system has an unexpected downtime, we offer one of the largest fleets of emergency PET bottling compressor rental systems in North America. We can provide Class 0 PET rental air up to 1,500 CFM @ 40 BAR to ensure your plant can continue to run production.

When it comes to high efficiency and high reliability, we are proud to be the North American Partner of ABC compressors. ABC has over 75 years of experience manufacturing oil-free reciprocating compressors and offers the best PET Compressor in the industry. It has so many benefits like-

 Low energy consumption includes direct coupled motor, Variable speed drive, Heat recovery system, design focused on TCO, Best efficiency ratio and Unloading scenarios elimination.

It has Extreme reliability & versatility like it includes Up to 4 compression stages, Up to 6-cylinder configuration, Double acting cylinders, Horizontal configuration, Balanced forces with zero vibrations,100% rigid pipes, Oil&Gas standards applie and High and low-pressure airflow supply simultaneously (HORIZON DUOO)

It has some Compact layout like Compressor package in a singular skid, Easy mobility and relocation, No cranes for maintenance, Directly attached to the floor and Plug&Play compressor.

You can get in touch with us by visiting our site every day Live Support on (905) 501-0116 and on email:

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