Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Repstance is an entirely new, innovative and highly advanced real-time data replication tool based on change data capture (CDC) functionality, which makes database upgrades, migrations and daily operations seamless and nearly instantaneous while providing continuous or near-continuous operational stability, with zero downtime for rapidly changing databases especially important for mission-critical business applications with zero downtime tolerance.

Repstance gives a 360 view into the intricacies of the database replication process with the highest granular health check, with reporting of – replication lags (with cause/consequences analysis), detailed DB replication statistics (including, but not limited to transactions count, objects modification count, DDLs count, average transaction rate calculation, etc.).

We Replicate and Migrate your data at the fastest rate in the industry. Doing so, we make sure your Data, and your business is always up-to-date, no matter where you are, or what platform you are deployed on. 

Repstance is faster currently than any native MSSQL solution. 

Repstance extensive “Transformation functionality” permits a wide range of Scenarios including but not limited to – Logical Standby, Real-Time Reporting systems and Zero Downtime migrations. For AWS both RDS and EC2 instances are supported. In Azure, any instance that permits CDC is also supported. 

Infinitely scalable, it is easy to deploy and use, which enables the user to get started in minutes with a clearly defined setup routine.

We are providing MS SQL replication tools online, data warehouse related- data warehousing software tools online, database related-database replication tools online and migration related-online Oracle to SQL server migration.

We give services and solutions for like- 

Replication and data migration with continuous high-speed data transfers

Zero downtime migration

Logical standby for high availability configuration

Zero downtime upgrade (blue/green upgrade)

Load distribution and geographically distributed clusters

You can contact us by visiting our website and email: Call for any related problems on +44 7856 688028 


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